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23rd-Oct-2014 07:03 am
unsmoothcriminal: (idk where my eye went man)
[ Today, the Mansion plays host to ... flowers: lots of flowers, of all color and description, and in every place imaginable. Some are ordinary, but others … well, should you breathe in their pollen—and make no mistake, you'll likely find yourself doing so by accident, particularly when a cloud of it drifts its way into the vents—you'll find something odd happening.

A memory of yours begins to play out … in front of you, projected like a movie for all to see and hear.

Oops! ]
30th-Jan-2014 10:42 pm
thatonething: <user name="fishpanties"> (You said goodbyeˌ I said goodnight)
[the Mansion seems to be favouring Aokos lately — here's yet another one, looking quite ordinary (which in itself is almost unusual, given the recent trend of newcomers), as well as very confused and not a little wary. She creeps along in her winter high school uniform, peeking into rooms and doing her best to be quiet]
2nd-Jan-2014 06:41 am
fishpanties: (>U)
[ There's yet another Aoko in the Mansion today! Pay no mind to the two combat knives sheathed at her waist, or the patch over her left eye. Everything is perfectly okay.

. . . Except, perhaps, for the way she's eyeing the mysterious, prettily wrapped gift boxes that are flooding the lobby. ]

If I get my hands on a match, you can bet that every single one of you is getting torched.
29th-Oct-2013 12:05 am - Re: Your Brains
magicworksonzombies: (Dead I am the sky)
[It's early, very early in the morning — or perhaps very late at night, depending on your sleeping habits — when the first of the Mansion's inhabitants are pulled out of their pre-dawn slumber.

At first it's hard to tell what, exactly, roused you. It's still dark. Quiet, isn't it? Except for the sounds of other sleepy occupants.

Except... something seems off about that shuffling. That moaning doesn't quite sound like a person having restless dreams. The noises are increasing in number by the minute... and are they coming from outside?

Those wary enough to grope for a weapon will find one comes easily to hand — the Mansion isn't leaving anyone unarmed tonight. And one look outside a window is all it takes to convince you that you'll be needing it.

From the forest fog, the hordes are advancing.]

((OOC: Zombie invasion in the comm for Halloween! Feel free to bring in any kind of zombie type you like, from Night of the Living Dead style to Left 4 Dead style to Zombie Hunters style [tw: gore] to Jane Austen style. Be as ridiculous or serious as you like. Have at.))
13th-Oct-2013 06:57 pm
selkiepaws: (Still)
[Here again. Thankfully, he's human today, much more convenient than his seal form.

The mansion seems less crowded than before, or at least he's running into fewer people than last time. Just his luck. In a form where he can easily interact with humans, but none around to talk to.
15th-Aug-2013 04:23 pm
samurai_error: (白い白い闇の中)
[Someone has discovered the wonders of modern fans.

That is to say that the fans the mansion provided against the summer heat have all been appropriated and taken to the library where they have been set up around a sofa. A familiar yukata-clad figure is hard at work, sitting on that sofa weaving sandals out of straw. His yukata is somewhat travel-stained, but he is cheerful, sword quietly placed within hands reach but not prominently so and a stack of reading material set beside the sofa for later. The choice of current occupation is new, but nothing about the rest of this scene is at all unusual for this particular Shinichi.

Well, there is something a little out of place. Just visible beneath the folds of his yukata is a bundle of cloth, cradled sling-like against Shinichi's chest. Occasionally the bundle shifts, Shinichi pausing in his work until it settles again.

He is open to pausing for conversation, providing said conversational partners can keep their voices low. Come, bother!]
12th-Feb-2013 07:03 pm
fishpanties: (Radical dreamers.)
[ It may only be morning, but this blue-clad Aoko seems to having far too good a time playing around in . . . a cocktail bar?

Tongue between her teeth, leaning close like a scientist over a petri dish, she carefully drizzles s a teaspoon of baby pink liquid over this. ]
28th-Dec-2012 05:57 pm
showandtell: (A wrench in the library.)
[There's mistletoe in the Mansion today.

There's mistletoe everywhere.

And it's multi-colored!

It's hard to avoid, and, should you find yourself underneath it, you may just find yourself stuck. Under a sprig of red? Maybe all it takes is a gentle, chaste kiss to free yourself. Under a sprig of pink? Maybe it'll take something a little more. Under blue? Maybe you'll find that your kisses share a little unexpected—emotions, or memories . . .]

((Unofficial mistletoe event! Play with it however you want, and feel free to make up your own colors of mistletoe!))
1st-Nov-2012 12:42 am
moptothehead: (You're my best friend)
It's late evening when this particular clamour starts rising from the Mansion's lobby. It's a happy one, filled with excited, giddy tones that briefly change to surprise and annoyance before slipping into teasing and affection.

The culprits happen to be one Kaito Kuroba and Aoko... well, normally one would assume Nakamori, but Kaito's jacketless suit and the short, white dress and white roses that Aoko is wearing might suggest otherwise. And if those didn't, the close, doting way they're hovering around each other — and the matching rings glinting on their left hands — would.

They're tousled and a little tired-looking, but there's still a strong spark in Aoko's eyes as she makes a face at her companion, her arm comfortably hooked in his. "I can keep up just fine, Bakaito, even with a detour."
22nd-Oct-2012 10:37 am
fishpanties: (What an interesting plaice.)
[ There are a lot of ways to indulge one's curiosity in the Mansion.

This Aoko—who looks tanned, outdoorsy, and is wearing a teal-colored outfit—has chosen the route of . . . snooping into everybody's dressing rooms. ]

I wonder what's in this one . . .
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