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Name:Just One Truth - Dressing Room
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Detective Conan Dressing Room for roleplaying purposes


1. Posting Styles → Players have complete discretion on whether to start an action, prose, or journal post.
An action post is defined as one where everything that the character does is [like this] and everything they say is in plain text.
[he walked down the corridor]
So, do you like sushi?

A prose post is where full sentences are used, talking is put in quotes (""), and generally have a higher level of description than action posts.
Shinichi walked down the corridor next to Kaito, looking over at the magician.
"So, do you like sushi?"

A journal post is defined as one that a character posts onto the network. Note: Please specify if the post is video, voice, or text. If it is video, you may want to post a small description of what other characters will see.
Does anyone like sushi?

2. No Godmodding. → This is defined as the act of controlling another player's character without permission. Please don't do this.

3. Free to Join! → Joining the comm is request-free, so just click that little button up the top, and get typing! (Character journals only, please!)

4. What Limits? → You may play as many characters as you wish. That includes multiples~♥ Please don't feel you have to keep them all active, either! This is, after all, a dressing room.

5. AUs AllowedThat said, please, if you decide to play an AU of a character, make sure they're somewhat recognizable as who they originally were. No self inserts or Mary-Sues, please.

6. Original Characters → There Are NO Original Characters Allowed

7. PR0N? → Any NC-17 topics MUST be put under a cut and friend-locked.

8. Tagging → Please tag your entries! They're there for a reason. Besides, you want to be able to find your posts again, right?
1. The character writing the post
2. The post style
3. If it's AU, use the *AU tag
4. If it's NC-17, use the *NC17 tag
5. If it's part of the running event, use the *event tag
If your character is not listed, go ahead and post anyway! They'll be added in soon enough!

9. Events! → Events are monthly at random! These will be sandbox scenarios posted by one of your resident mods! Once a new event is posted, it is asked that players stop making new threads for the previous one. (The idea of events is subject to change, depending on comm activity and player response.)

10. HAVE FUN. Or we'll set the pyromaniac Brit-mod on you.

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